Attainable Luxury Since 1923

London Fog is one of the most enduring clothing brands in the world. Established in 1923 and now available around the globe, London Fog has been built on a rich heritage of quality and innovation that began with the humble trench coat.

Today, London Fog builds on this heritage by continuing to bring our customers attainable luxury with a classic style.

Londontown Clothing Company is founded and begins making coats.

London Fog makes waterproof coats for the U.S. Army and Navy during WWII. Becomes the first manufacturer to popularise the military style trench coat for civilian wear.

Partners with DuPont to create a polyester blend material that is water repellent, durable and comfortable to wear. This innova-tion helped London Fog become the dominant maker of men’s coats in the United States. London Fog introduces coats for women.

London Fog goes public and branches out into new product categories. Becomes the first clothing manufacturer to advertise directly on television.

The first London Fog store opens, and two thirds of all raincoats sold in the U.S. are London Fog. London Fog broadens its product range further.

London Fog becomes the world’s largest outerwear manufacturer.

London Fog has 98% consumer recognition in the US, and begins selling raincoats in the UK and through China. The brand continues to innovate and develops another 22 proprietary fabrics.

London Fog expands globally and takes the brand’s rich history, classic design and reliability to consumers around the world

In Australia, London Fog is now distributed by Stafford Group who have been manufacturing tailored clothing since 1893. Click here to find your nearest retailer

View some of our favourite vintage London Fog advertising campaigns from 1960-80: